PCB Design

This board reads accelerometer data over an I2C bus. It has six analog ports broken out along the top of the board; It uses the I2C data from the MMA8452Q accelerometer to control 4 servo outputs for the purpose of creating a stable platform.

Creating bluetooth enabled speakers is becoming easier thanks to Aliexpress and ebay. When I prototype a design I will typically use the “blackbox” approach. i.e. I don’t need to know whats in the box, only how to use it. The more integrated the design becomes the more I’ll eliminate or replace the blackbox components.
This was an early prototype of my  accelerometer board.
We needed a 3-phase AC generator.
This is a working prototype of an AC 3-phase  inverter. It was later integrated into a larger board with step-up transformers.

This is the final version of the 3-phase  board with step-up transformers.