Hobby-Grade Active Suspension

This pcb pairs an accelerometer with an Atmel 328p microcontroller. It has 3.3v and 5v regulated power. The servo outputs are powered by the input, so if you supply 7v to the board, the servos get the full 7v.

The Atmel reads accelerometer data over an I2C bus and has an additional six analog ports broken out along the top of the board; It uses the I2C data from the MMA8452Q accelerometer to control 4 servo outputs for the purpose of creating a stable, noise-filtered platform.

It achieves this by reading the current position or motion of your vehicle or device and sending high-speed adjustments to servos attached to your suspension.
It can create an extremely smooth ride for your on or off-road racing vehicle by countering the gravitational forces that affect your racecar while maneuvering thru a high-speed corner or down the straightway.

It can also be used to develop interactive objects, taking signals from a variety of switches or sensors, and control lights, motors, and other physical outputs.  Projects can be stand-alone, or they can communicate with software running on your computer (e.g. Flash, Processing.)